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DigiDoctor- Remote Monitoring Dashboard from Criterion Tech is a modern approach for caring for admitted patients remotely and will be able to provide complete care without so much physical intervention and helps in getting the unseen virus to health.


DigiDoctor- Remote Monitoring Dashboard is an end-to-end solution for all your hospital needs. It is a HIPAA-compliant remote-monitoring solution designed for healthcare organizations.

Easy to integrate with a wide variety of health equipment for continuous monitoring of vitals.

Enjoy wide compatibility with Windows, Mac, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Monitor patients' health in real-time from any location.

Set custom alerts for notification of a status change.

Access all the past trends of vitals and medicine performance.

What is a remote patient monitoring dashboard?

As its name suggests, remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a counterpart to telehealth. It involves using devices to record and transmit real-time patient data that can be consulted by medical professionals. A remote patient monitoring system, therefore, consists of two parts.

Dedicated RMD devices

(i.e., hardware) to capture and relay the patients’ vital data

Dedicated RMD devices

(i.e., software; also called a remote patient monitoring platform) that ingests and processes the data.


Real-Time Stats

Vitals such as Pulse, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Oxygen Saturation, CO2 Level, Temperature.


Permission-Based Access., Encrypted Reports with Alert and Notifications in Run time.

Mobile Ready

Monitor patients on the Go with Mobile App Solutions and Responsive Application

Benefits of Remote Monitoring Dashboard

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